Blog Week 13: The End.

But huge plot twist we hadn’t actually given up at all (we most definitely had) but our lecturers encouraged us to keep going and get these games done and if they thought we could get it done then we probably could. We as a group really came into our own this week, we spent a lot of extra time coming into uni to get things done on Thursday we came in and spent 8 hours fixing everything we could manage to and we managed to really get a lot done we got the two broken games up to a point where we were actually happy to showcase them.

Cut to the showcase where I was actually afraid to be in the room when people  were playing game thinking that the game was going to be really broken and people were going to… Well I don’t actually know what I was afraid of because it surprisingly went really well people really seemed to enjoy the game and when the game did break they found it really funny and didn’t seem to mind because we quickly fixed the problem.

I got some of my family to play our games and it was probably the highlight of the night they were so entertaining to see because it was all there first times in VR and it was like seeing a kid in a candy shop and we got a playtester for life out of it. 

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