Blog Week 11: P A N I C!

If I could tittle this blog it would simply be known as “P A N I C!” because that’s what this whole week was, I couldn’t count on both hands the amount of emotional outbursts that happened in our class during this week and that’s including an outburst of my own to put it lightly the tensions was through the roof, everybody needed to go out and buy some hulk hands so they could go around punching things without hurting themselves or the thing they’re punching (not condoning destruction of property).

We were very behind at this point in the trimester nothing worked and that was stressing people out and that meant less work was getting down which in turn stressed people out more, I personally was not being very helpful because I was so determined to get the kraken working which I didn’t and I didn’t want to help anyone until I had got it working and funnily enough I was a really hot item and the time constantly being called the to VR room and then back into the lab to sort out problems.

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