Blog Week 8:

I should probably start this blog by saying that the game my group was working on was a fishing game with a kraken that you could fight as sort of boss battle when you picked up the harpoon that was next to the fishing rod.

This week is where things started getting a little out of hand and I know what you’re saying it’s only the second week of this project but yes things started going wrong already, one of our group members was having trouble with the source control we were using it kept getting rid of her work when she’d push from home so all the work she had done kept getting lost and if it wasn’t bad enough her work was some of hardest work any of us have ever done.

So I was working on the harpoon and the kraken mechanics and the thing I started with was throwing the harpoon since I thought that it’s probably going to be the hardest thing to do since I had never worked with VR before, one of the people from a different group had been created their own script to pick objects up so I tried to add that to my harpoon but he made the script in such a way that it wasn’t really easy to just put onto any old object to pick up, I’m not trying to throw shade or anything because the way he did it was perfectly fine and it worked for what he needed to do it just wasn’t very group friendly so I went ahead and made my own pick up script one that was easier to setup and could do what I needed it to do.

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