Blog Week 7: The Beggining of the End

So this marks the start of our final assignment for the trimester which was the big scary VR assignment (It wasn’t that scary at the start).

We all had to decide on a theme which was harder than it sounds because we have so many different types of people in our little group of 11 we had people wanting to do sci-fi, we had others wanting to do carnival themed and then there was my idea which was like tiki tribal/pirate which somehow we ended up running with.

After we decided on a theme we all had to come up with at least one minigame idea and then vote on 6 that we’d then do a rapid fire pitch to our lecturers and they’d greenlight the ones that they thought we were capable of doing.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about my idea but I wanted to do a treasure hunt game where you’d have a treasure map and you’d search around an island for the treasure.

I can definitely say we got a little bit carried away at the start of the assignment we got way too into the modelling aspect of our game.

During this week we were also having our transferable skills interviews which everyone thought was going to be like a grooling interrogation but turned out to be a rather enjoyable interview with our lecturers where they told you “you’re not doing as badly as you think you are”.

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