First and Last Devlog for Sunset Cruise

So this is the first of the development blog and probably the last one too  as the project which has now been dubbed "Sunset Cruise", we finally managed to think of name that A) wasn't taken and B) actually suits the aesthetic of the game.

I just want to put this out there that these blogs are going to be more like a messy personal recount of the development process as opposed to a nicely structured development blog, It in my opinion humanizes the design process and is just more my style.

So lets get back to the blog.

Today we arrived at the campus a good 3 and half hours early eager to continue working on Sunset Cruise unfortunately the lab was full so we didn't have access to any computers so we had to sit around but it gave a good chance to actually think about what we wanted to achieve today which was: Implement the high score code that I wrote last night, get the cop cars lights flashing as a indicator of when it's about to switch lanes, have the cars minus the cop car spawning with a random colour and to give all the cars their damaged sprites for when they crash into the players car.

I focused on the high score menu and implementation so I started the day with making the background for high score menu which originally was going to be a miami beach road with like palm tree on the sides of the road really beachy feel but two hours into the background I decided I was too lazy to do all that work so I went with a sunset road background instead which can be seen at that link, next was just a bunch of UI tasks like adding text and buttons pretty boring stuff, until I went to test it and I got a NullReferencEexception which I was delighted to see as anyone would be turns out I forgot to attach one of the scripts to the main camera which is what I was using for a gamecontroller because why not right? There was also a small problem witch retrieving the username of the player with the highest score which was just kept in playerprefs it turns out I was trying to grab it from a temporary variable that was only set when the player dies which didn't work for when you just opened up the game and went straight to the high score screen so I just switched it to it being set straight from the playerprefs.

The rest of my day was just spent going from group member to group member helping where I could and finally towards our 6 hour sprint we tried to add some main menu animations so that the car on the main screen looked like it was on so it was like a 3 frame animation of the car slightly moving up and down, but we ran into this weird problem where the animation would only go up to the 1st frame and then it would just stop still no idea why it's doing that so if anyone out there on the internet knows why could you let me know before this Friday hahaha thanks.

Cheers for giving this a read.

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